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Joey Nato unleashes new track 'Sherlock'

Joey Nato unleashes new track 'Sherlock'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Monday 23rd November 2020

Joey Nato unleashes new track 'Sherlock'  Photograph

Taken from his album, 'Made Overnight', which was allegedly made in one day! Joey Nato unleashes his brand new track, 'Sherlock'.

Joey Nato is a great storyteller; each experience can be pictured so vividly; Joey Nato recounts his hardships, reflects on how far he has come and unravels his moments of dishonesty. Joey Nato’s authenticity sets him aside from the rest!

When speaking about the track and upcoming album, Joey Nato says, "One day I tried to challenge myself to make a complete song from scratch within one hour. After accomplishing that, I did it again. I thought to myself, wow...I just made 2 songs in 2 hours. It became clear after that making an entire album in a day was possible for me, but after creating the album I was blown away by how good it came out. This ended up being my proudest moment as an artist and my best project to date. I’m confident this album is better than a lot of album artists spend months on."

Listen to the full track below: