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Yizzy Drops Prince of Grime 3 Freestyle

Yizzy Drops Prince of Grime 3 Freestyle

Author: Lily Batten | Monday 23rd November 2020

Yizzy Drops Prince of Grime 3 Freestyle Photograph

Yizzy is an English Grime MC that debuted with his This Is Life EP back in 2017. The artist has admitted that he never expected to be a full-time rapper until a sartorial twist of fate took place within his music school block. Since then, he's known best for 3 Minutes To Live, Grime and Theirry Henry.

"The story behind it is I went back into the music block at lunchtime because I left my jacket," he explains, "and as I turned to leave I noticed that one of the music room doors was open. I heard some rapping and I asked to join in a freestyle and that was literally the start of my music career"

Recent freestyle, Prince Of Grime 3, supports his new EP of the same name. The video sees Yizzy stating that he sees no contenders for his place in the grime world. He goes onto to boast about his success as an independent, stating he's the proof that you don't have to sign to big labels.

Check it out, below.