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Young T and Bugsey drop clean visuals to ‘New shape’

Young T and Bugsey drop clean visuals to ‘New shape’

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 26th November 2020

Young T and Bugsey drop clean visuals to ‘New shape’   Photograph

Like always, Young T and Bugsey have brought a vibe, in their latest visuals. The duo have consistently dropped bangers for years, and they are still going with their infectious melodies.

The Nottingham artists have outstanding chemistry, and this is demonstrated through their music. The way the pair bounce of each other comes across as organic.

This type of track is perfect for club settings; As soon as the smooth, guitar-stum instrumental drops and we hear the artists’ vocals, it is very hard to sit still.

The concept of the track is creative and interesting. When you first click the track, you feel like you are watching a 1970’s car commercial. We have the old-school disco music playing in the background, whilst we have vintage shots of Young T and Bugsey looking like car salesmen. We even get the old-looking font, feeling like you have travelled back 40 years.

When the song begins, we see Bugsey wearing an eccentric green suit in an office looking like he is trying to get sales completed. Halfway throughout the track, the director halts the music video, claiming that this will not sell cars as it is not ‘sexy enough’. The visuals are fun, light-hearted and a good watch.

One thing is for certain, and that is Young T and Bugsey know how to make a hit. This one will definitely be added to the library, and I am sure the replay value will be high.

Take in ‘New Shape’ here.