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C.I.C releases heartfelt track ‘All Night Long’

C.I.C releases heartfelt track ‘All Night Long’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Friday 27th November 2020

C.I.C releases heartfelt track ‘All Night Long’ Photograph

‘All night long’ feels like a mesmerising lullaby. C.I.C’s solitary dark vocals and emotions are distributed throughout the track, he tells the story of hoping to have a relationship with his dream girl, but sadly they become disconnected. C.I.C navigates his pain through his emotive storytelling blended with a heavy-bassline enhancing the weight of his heartache.

When speaking about the track, C.I.C states, “'All Night Long' is a song about C.I.C hoping to have faith to have a relationship with his dream girl he was calling all day/. Like in the video C.I.C and the women want each other so bad but somehow they are disconnected and not feeling each other. This situation is a situation that happens a lot in modern-day society, The song fits on his upcoming EP, 'F'U.T.W' which stands for Fuck Up The World 'F.U.T.W'. The song itself is about a person asking another person if this love relationship they have is faith, is it meant to be or not, that's why he's asking the girl if she can get in the ride so he can show her in a romantic way how he is attracted to her for who she is and what she stands for.

After being the artist of the week on the number one Hip/Hop Pop radio ‘Fun X! C.I.C is making himself known in the music industry, be sure to check out ‘All night long’ and C.I.C’s upcoming EP.

Listen to the full track below: