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Jay 1 dops fresh visuals to 'GWOP'

Jay 1 dops fresh visuals to 'GWOP'

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 3rd December 2020

Jay 1 dops fresh visuals to 'GWOP' Photograph

Every time, Jay1 steps up on a track, it is a vibe and ‘GWOP’ is no different.

Jay1 dons his very distinct delivery, flowing on the beat effortlessly. The rapper matches his solid delivery with his lyrical power. Jay1 always comes through with memorable bars, making his verses snappy and captivating. The rapper demonstrates his versatility by giving us a few different flows, keeping it fresh and exciting.

One thing is for certain and that is Jay1 knows how to make a banger. The bouncy beat, the appealing bars mixed in with his unique cadence equates to another solid track added to the artists’ list.

The visuals are clean, light-hearted, and simple. We see Jay 1 walking down the road with his boys whilst they vibe to the track. Behind them, we can see a luxurious car following them.

Through his music, Jay1 portrays an upbeat, easy, and free persona. His bars are always fun-going and are very easy to listen to. The care-free vibe the rapper connotes has enabled him to create his own lane; A lane where he has dropped banger after banger. GWOP has demonstrated this.

Take in 'GWOP' here.