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Lauren Eylise drops emotional heartfelt track ‘Cry’

Lauren Eylise drops emotional heartfelt track ‘Cry’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Friday 4th December 2020

Lauren Eylise drops emotional heartfelt track ‘Cry’  Photograph

Lauren Eylise displays her undeniable love for R&B/soul as she showcases her soothing vocals and heartfelt emotions in track ‘Cry.’

Lauren Eylise uses her musical art to heal listeners of any heartbreak they are suffering from. Lauren Eylise’s sensual, silky vocals feel like a mesmerising dream - she creates a late-night, reflective vibe that is powerful and emotional. The honest, raw track tells the story of the battle between your heart and the reality of a situation. The singer-songwriter reminds listeners things are not always how we want it to be; it can break us. “In those moments, sometimes all you can do is cry." However, Lauren Eylise’s music is the cure we need!

The subtle sunken bass blended with several smooth instruments radiate peace; each lyric can be felt deeply. When speaking about ‘Cry,’ Lauren Eylise states, "I wrote this song from a very raw and honest place. Sometimes, your heart wants what it can't have, and the circumstances at hand can't be changed."

Listen to the full track below: