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Bgody releases new visuals to ‘Heated’

Bgody releases new visuals to ‘Heated’

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 10th December 2020

Bgody releases new visuals to ‘Heated’  Photograph

Bgody has come through with fresh visuals to ‘Heated’. The artist dons a nice and easy flow over a smooth and sailing drill beat. Although Bgody delivers the track in a chilled and relaxed demeanour, the bars are filled with crud. This enables the track to get the listener gassed.

The Peckham rapper gives us an insight into his lavish lifestyle through his materialistic bars. Throughout the track, we hear about his German whip, Moncler coats and fancy restaurants, such as Hakkasan.

The braggadocious chorus has got an ‘I am feeling myself’ vibe to it. His chilled delivery on the beat ensures you can take in every bar the rapper says.

The visuals go hand in hand with the lyrics to portray the luxurious lifestyle of Bgody. At the beginning of the video, we see Bgody in the studio, putting on his Gucci sliders. Other scenes include, the rapper dripped out in his Moncler jacket side by side with a model who is rocking the same brand. The snow in the video shows us first-hand that their expensive jackets are keeping them warm for sure. We also see the opulent vehicle in the scenes, showing the high life that Bgody lives.

Check out ‘Heated’ here and let us know your thoughts.