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#A92 Offica, Ksav, Nikz & Kebz release fresh visuals to 'Get Low 2.0'

#A92 Offica, Ksav, Nikz & Kebz release fresh visuals to 'Get Low 2.0'

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 10th December 2020

#A92 Offica, Ksav, Nikz & Kebz release fresh visuals to 'Get Low 2.0'  Photograph

A92 have been making a lot of noise recently by dropping bangers; Most notably their ‘Plugged In’ with Fumez the Engineer.

The Irish rappers have kept the ball rolling with their latest hit, ‘Go Low 2.0.’ Spitting over a unique Oriental-inspired Drill beat, Nikz kicks things off with an energy-infused verse. The rapper opts for a quick tempo flow, which ultimately sets the pace of the track. Nikz uses clever bars and references throughout the verse, which adds to the energy levels of the track.

Next on the track is Offica, who comes in with a different delivery to his counterpart. The artist spits with a more slow and concise flow, making sure you take in every word. Offica brings a few memorable one-liners, that will get the listener rapping along to his bars.

The energy levels were already high on the track, but the introduction of Kebz takes the levels to new heights. The rapper comes in full guns blazing, catching the beat’s drop emphatically. Kebz dons a distinctive flow whilst spitting some slick bars. After the first lyrics, his verse certainly deserved the reload.

Ksav is the last rapper, who enters with his calm demeanour and intelligent wordplay. Ksav makes references to other rappers such as Digga D and M24. The rapper’s calm and calculated flow brings a sinister feel to the track as he dons a mask, which looks like something out of a horror film like The Purge.

The problem that we can have with Drill, is everyone starts to sound the same. However, with this group, they have a real authentic style, and they are bringing something different to the table. Their energy and their vibes tick all the boxes when it comes to making a banger.

This is certainly not the last we have heard of A92.

Take in ‘Get Low 2.0’ here.