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Rap newcomer Zones drops hard hitting 'Intro' visuals

Rap newcomer Zones drops hard hitting 'Intro' visuals

Author: Joel Griffiths | Monday 14th December 2020

Rap newcomer Zones drops hard hitting 'Intro' visuals Photograph

Unsigned artist Zones, just dropped the music video to her introspective, hard hitter 'Intro'.

The video is shot partially in black and white and takes you on a trip through her ends, as she reflects on her life and struggles, coming up.

Mental health, past relationships and death within her family are all explored in this lyrical thought provoker.

The track is dedicated to her late Mother and friend Chanice, who passed away in 2015 and 2018 respectively.

Hailing from Bexley Kent, Zones has just come off the back of reaching the final stages of BBC's The Rap Game UK, narrowly missing out on the title after impressing judges and watchers.

Zones wrote her first rap at the age of 15, shortly after losing her Mum. She is very open on her records about how hard it can be suffering with mental health, and losing a friend to suicide.

Underpinned by struggle and pain, Zones will look to build on her explosive entry into the UK rap scene. The MC has been bolstered by singles ‘Gintu’ and ‘Scoring’ both centered around life in the trap and operating as a cold killer in a male-dominated world.

Zones currently sits at over 7,000 monthly listeners and 1,700 followers on Spotify. Her November record ‘Gintu’ has 20,000 plays.

Check out the video for ‘Intro’ below.