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Rav unleashes 'Dead End'

Rav unleashes 'Dead End'

Author: Wardah Sempa | Wednesday 16th December 2020

Rav unleashes 'Dead End'  Photograph

One of the most exciting rapping talents around, Rav delivers another dose of his own sinister style of revelation with a brand new project I'm on to Me.

Written, performed and produced by Rav himself, I'm on to Me is the natural cumulation of his craft. The record differs in previous releases in the anguish and pain that is so clearly expressed through the beats themselves, as opposed to New Moon where his candid lyrics were strewn over a more easy-listening ensemble of guitars and lo-fi beats.

"I usually make jazz rap or whatever you want to call it, but with all this unaddressed anguish and anxiety, I didn't really know how to contextualize it all within that type of sound."

In keeping with a common theme from 2020 releases, IOTM is plagued with self struggle and turmoil. Rav has been no stranger to exploiting any and every thought he has, but this latest release takes huge steps in exploring themes and struggles he previously hasn't touched on.

"A lot of shit happened in my personal life this year, and at a time when I was already emotionally preoccupied with trying to confront previously unexplored childhood trauma"

For Rav, the release is a complete mental purge - a cleanse of unwanted thoughts and anxieties. For the listener its a verbal exploration of the treacherous mind via a mastery of hip-hop.