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Find Out What Happened When We Spent 24 Hours With Ms Banks

Find Out What Happened When We Spent 24 Hours With Ms Banks

Author: Natalie Siaw-Agyeman | Saturday 19th December 2020

Back with episode 18 of ’24 Hours With’, we had the opportunity to spend 24 hours with one of the UK’s leading female rappers, Ms Banks. With solid efforts under her belt such as ‘Snack’, ‘Hood B*tch’ and ‘Bad B Bop’, the South London queen has created a loyal fan base through the years through her unapologetic female boss energy as well as her raw and hard hitting bars.

We shadow Ms Banks on set of her MOBO performances, where she was nominated for Best Female act and Best Hip Hop act. During this time, we got an insight into how she gets ready for video shoots, as well as her creative processes as we see her perform ‘Snack’ and her latest single ‘You Don’t Know’ for the virtual award show. We got the chance to see first-hand why she is a celebrated artist here in the UK, as we see her move onto filming the video for ‘You Don’t Know’, running on only one hour of sleep - yet still giving the same essential energy she displayed earlier. Her success and hard work is unmatched, and she has given fans an opportunity and insight as to who she is as a woman outside of her music in this video.

Make sure you check out the the full video below and let us know what you think in the comment section or onsocial media.