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Amy Steele releases brand new track 'Our House'

Amy Steele releases brand new track 'Our House'

Author: Wardah Sempa | Monday 21st December 2020

Amy Steele releases brand new track 'Our House' Photograph

Amy Steele is a new futuristic RnB singer-songwriter, hailing from North West London. This week, Amy Steele releases the newest track on her EP of covers ‘Our House’. Amy’s rendition of “Our House” is a chilled and warm, but haunting record about finding peace and solace in your home. Amy says for her, the message of the song is about how it doesn’t take much but a roof over your head, and the people you love to have a good evening.

“Our House” has a Christmassy feel to it and really is the perfect track to chill to in these tier 4 festive seasons we find ourselves in, where gratitude and hope are the things we need to hold on to the most. Amy is set to release a series of 4 covers, comprised of songs that she says have special meaning for us in the times we’re currently in. She will then release her debut EP, that is hotly anticipated as she’s received rave reviews from Wonderland, Hunger, Clash and Schon Magazine.

Listen to the full track below: