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Khaled Siddiq drops passionate 'Voices'

Khaled Siddiq drops passionate 'Voices'

Author: Daniel David | Monday 21st December 2020

Khaled Siddiq drops passionate 'Voices' Photograph

Following the release of his mixtape 'IAMKHXLED' back in July, Khaled Siddiq returns with new track 'Voices.' Sporting the jumper that Mike Tyson made famous, the track sees Khaled show off the versatility that has made him so popular making a seamless transition from a melodic flow to straight spitting.

The song itself sees Khaled addressing critics, backstabbers and his own dilemma of wanting to be on deen but slipping up. Khaled is someone who has been very honest when it comes to the topic of his religion, this honesty allows him to connect with others who might be going through similar challenges.

Check the video out below.