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Jordan delivers a Christmas gift with powerful 'Christmas Freestyle'

Jordan delivers a Christmas gift with powerful 'Christmas Freestyle'

Author: Tom Dingley | Monday 28th December 2020

Jordan delivers a Christmas gift with powerful 'Christmas Freestyle' Photograph

Jordan delivers a Christmas gift in the form of his new track 'Christmas Freestyle'.

Coming out of prison and delivering one of the hardest Fire In The Booths, showing nothing but hunger and raw emotion on one of the biggest platforms, to a huge collaboration with Morrison, Jordan has shown that he has what it takes to take the scene by storm over the past year.

From the raw tone in his voice when he delivers his lyrics, to the brutally honest content he packs into his bars, Jordan stakes his claim as one of the realest rappers in the country. He is not afraid to speak about anything and this sets him apart from a lot of other rappers. The way he paints a picture and tells his story with his words is truly amazing - especially as he claimed in his Fire In The Booth that he "wasn't a rapper". Jordan is definitely one to keep your eyes on in 2021.

This freestyle sees Jordan bring absolutely everything you would expect from him as he tells more of his story. From his time in jail, to pain he went through growing up, all you need to do is listen and you can feel like you know everything about what Jordan has been through. It's a great ability to allow people to connect on a deep level, when many may have no idea what it is like to go through the sorts of things he describes.

Check the TeeeezyC and Odyssey TV shot visuals below.