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#Moscow17 Rizzy Rampz drops fresh visuals to ‘Party Pop’

#Moscow17 Rizzy Rampz drops fresh visuals to ‘Party Pop’

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 7th January 2021

#Moscow17 Rizzy Rampz drops fresh visuals to ‘Party Pop’ Photograph

Rizzy Rampz has come through with his latest joint, Party Pop.

The Moscow 17 rapper dons a bouncy flow whilst spitting over a solid piano-styled drill beat. The flow, the beat and the crud-filled bars ensures the banger has the ability to get the listener gassed. His clear precise delivery along with clever references aid his hype factor and allows listeners to take in every bar the rapper spits.

The visuals are easy-going and simple. We see Rizzy Rampz rocking a grey hoodie whist having a stunning backdrop of the city behind him. Shooting the video at nights allows us to appreciate the lit-up views behind the rapper.

This is a solid track from Rizzy Rampz. Whilst entertaining us with his hard flow, he also gives takes us on a journey into the life of the rapper, keeping the track entertaining.

Check out Party Pop here.