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Genesis Elijah gets introspective on 'A Word'

Genesis Elijah gets introspective on 'A Word'

Author: Daniel David | Friday 8th January 2021

Genesis Elijah gets introspective on 'A Word' Photograph

*DJ Khaled Voice* Another One! That's right Genesis Elijah continues his streak with his new release 'A Word.! The song is song 2 of 53, as he plans on releasing a song every Friday of 2021. He has even created a playlist so you can keep up with them all, which can be found here.

This week's release, 'A Word,' is taken from his forthcoming album 'Vision.' With Pastor Dutchie and Shapes providing a grimy, bass-filled backdrop, Genesis Elijah gets introspective, literally having a word with himself about powerful topics such as his career, family and relationships.

The clever visuals are like something from a science fiction movie, as we get 2 Genesis Elijah's, one speaking candidly to the other.

Keep an eye out for more from Genesis Elijah as he preps the release of his 2 upcoming albums 'Vision' and 'A Prophet in his Hometown'