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D Knott unleashes brand new track 'Brown Skin'

D Knott unleashes brand new track 'Brown Skin'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Monday 11th January 2021

D Knott unleashes brand new track 'Brown Skin'  Photograph

After a string of success with tracks such as “PYT” and “Falling”, D Knott is amping up the heat with his latest single “Brown Skin”.

Enticed by the smooth R&B riff and glossy production, the track boasts a fresh approach for the artist; his velvety vocals and trademark guitar proving to be a flawless pairing. Featuring rap verses from Nale THPC, Zep and Pierce Ripanti, the song’s lyrics are rooted in empowerment, as D Knott discloses “I wanted to make a song that shows love and appreciation to black women of all shades. Something that makes them feel proud of their skin”.

Born in Orlando, Florida, the Filipino-American discovered his love for music whilst playing football in college after performing in a singing contest and scoring the winning title. As he dedicated his time to both of his passions, his talent has seen him open up for the likes of Playboy Carti and Giggs, and he also helped to set up the record label A.E.G alongside his close friends and ex-teammates. With his diverse expertise and painfully cool approach, D Knott is set to become one of the industry’s slickest stars.