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M9ine drops fresh visuals to ‘Cartier’

M9ine drops fresh visuals to ‘Cartier’

Author: Triston Macauley | Monday 11th January 2021

M9ine drops fresh visuals to ‘Cartier’  Photograph

M9ine has come through with new visuals to ‘Cartier’. Spitting over an aggressive drill beat, the Cardiff rapper delivers a simple yet catchy chorus. All it takes is one listen, and the melody and words will be imprinted in your mind.

Whilst we get a slightly melodious chorus, the verses are straight hard-hitting and full of greaze. M9ine keeps the track entertaining throughout by adding a couple of flow switch-ups in his verses. The final verse, the instrumental intensifies, giving it a more aggressive feel whilst M9ine explodes on the beat with a solid delivery.

M9ine mixes the styles of Trap and Drill, creating a hyped and upbeat sound that will surely get the listener gassed.

In the visuals, we see M9ine represent his City as he rocks a flashy Bluebird chain; the emblem of Cardiff City Football Club. In the video, we see the masked rapper with his boys whilst he recites his bars. The video is perfect for the song, as it shows off the lavish jewellery and cars, keeping up with the braggadocious vibe of the track.

M9ine is definitely one to watch, as he has certainly implemented his sound and style. The mixture of Drill and Trap ensures the artist is a fresh sound to hear.

Check out ‘Cartier’ here and let us know your thoughts.