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RAZAtwn drops newest offering ‘Brwn Machismo’

RAZAtwn drops newest offering ‘Brwn Machismo’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Thursday 21st January 2021

RAZAtwn drops newest offering ‘Brwn Machismo’ Photograph

Orlando hailing RAZAtwn shares his new project ‘Brwn Machismo’, as he begins to make his mark on the US hip-hop scene. Each of the 5 tracks takes the listeners on a journey, expressing a narrative from the perspective of a South Asian male making it in America. RAZAtwn’s candid delivery is extremely powerful, with his lyricism simultaneously carrying thought-provoking energy that make his songs particularly ear-catching. With a rap flow reminiscent of indie hip-hop mastermind G-Eazy, RAZAtwn’s honesty and lyrical agility are one to remember.

Discussing his new project and its meaning, RAZAtwn explains: “This is an unorthodox story about a Pakistani American man chasing to make it in America.”

As he enters 2021, RAZAtwn intends to influence a new generation to travel outside of their box and embrace themselves. As he admirably highlights the beauty of hardship, mental health and perseverance in his music, RAZAtwn cements himself as a multi-faceted artist to watch out for.