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Deca unleashes 'All In A Dream'

Deca unleashes 'All In A Dream'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Thursday 21st January 2021

Deca unleashes 'All In A Dream'  Photograph

Deca may be highly regarded in the hip-hop and rap circles, but his overall messaging and consistent lyrics for change means he can speak for everyone. This is more than apparent with ‘All In A Dream’, the latest single taken from his highly acclaimed album ‘Snakes and Birds’. With the animation of the video being all his own work, it is an absolute masterpiece to behold and admire. The fast-moving clips and drawings reflect the tempo of the song; ever-changing. The production is brilliant, with a cello bass sound setting the tone and that infamous hip hop beat and lyricism from Deca, making rhymes that flow which you can barely keep track of.

Deca speaks his mind and provides a platform with his music where we can enjoy it but also learn, which speaks volumes about this artist and boundaries he continues to breakthrough. The American has released a body of work for us all to invest in each of the last five years, which is a true testament to his work ethic and his love for this work, and who can argue with him. ‘All In A Dream’ is his trademark, and he has attained a very dedicated and passionate following over the years, with much more sure to follow once they hear the name.