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M Huncho drops ‘Overpriced’ freestyle

M Huncho drops ‘Overpriced’ freestyle

Author: Lily Batten | Monday 25th January 2021

M Huncho drops ‘Overpriced’ freestyle Photograph

British rapper M Huncho states that everyone has a price in new freestyle. After his joint project with Nafe Smallz, titled DNA, was dropped at the end of 2020, M Huncho has revealed a surprise freestyle.

'Overpriced' sees the masked figure ride melodic waves behind big gates, in an oversized mansion. He directly references the haters with his now signature auto-tune vocals when he spits: "Opinions from people who look like they still have bikes in their rooms. They're bums."

The freestyle covers the harder parts of being a rapper, exotic cars and the bigger mission. Check it out below.