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Rack5 and Splasha drop heat with 'Slow Down'

Rack5 and Splasha drop heat with 'Slow Down'

Author: Amanda Da Great | Tuesday 26th January 2021

Rack5 and Splasha drop heat with 'Slow Down' Photograph

Following on from their previous collaboration 'Trauma' (featuring TY, Dodgy and M'skum) and the very infectious 'Roll It', Rack5 and Splasha have united to drop heat with 'Slow Down'.

Rack5's strong entry sets an imperative tone for this song and is smoothly succeeded by Splasha’s captivating hook, which he uses to build tension and as a solid basis to go all out. This electrically charged track – refined by Fumez The Engineer – serves as an excellent example of how artists can harmoniously draw in elements from different styles of drill, to a create their own hybrid variant. ‘Slow Down’ clearly demonstrates the way in which characteristics of NY drill dominate the production, and have been perfectly coupled with punchy adlibs, embedded into the background of its exceptional sound.

A cool toned filter for the visual aspect, combined with the choice of setting, creates an ominous, post-apocalyptic feel – going hand in hand with the powerful deliveries given to us by both rappers, which will seize the attention of listeners; encouraging their ears to appreciate the quality of work being delivered .

Rack5 x Splasha Slow Down | Available to Stream on All Platforms!