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SD Brings It On With Bring Em’ Out

SD Brings It On With Bring Em’ Out

Author: Amanda Da Great | Monday 1st February 2021

SD Brings It On With Bring Em’ Out Photograph

With over 20,000 streams and counting on his first track ‘Drills on Drills’ featuring Eaze, SD won’t disappoint listeners with the release of ‘Bring Em Out.’

The drill artist’s adventurous, well-timed delivery flourishes alongside the upbeat, fast-paced manner of this track’s production, which will only evoke emotion from the audience that ‘Bring Em Out’ will appeal to.

Lyrically it’s evident the song has a set structure, and SD has successfully re-applied the formula he used in ‘Drills on Drills’ which involves incorporating a memorable hook that stands out against the subtle melodies in the instrumental. The only way in which the two releases differ can be based on how 'DOD' has mellow guitar strings which accompany a hard-hitting base of the 140bpm drill beat, but much like 'BEO' the main verse has flare, with adlibs that are well-timed.

In the visuals, SD switches between a spacious car park and the city's empty streets where he and his associates make their presence known to viewers. This setting alongside the dynamic transitions and compilation of effects – the most memorable one being an inversion of the scorching amber tones to harsher blue ones – creates a cinematic effect which is both chilling and memorable.

SD ‘Bring Em Out’ | Available to Stream on All Platforms!