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The Swirlers unleashes 'Legacy' ft Infinitesnds

The Swirlers unleashes 'Legacy' ft Infinitesnds

Author: Wardah Sempa | Monday 1st February 2021

The Swirlers unleashes 'Legacy' ft Infinitesnds Photograph

Borrowing from an array of genres on their latest track, The Swirlers are delivering dance music in it’s the finest form on ‘Legacy’.

The South London trio incorporates grime, house, dance, funk and garage to create the unique rhythm, swerving between the beat with ease and showcasing the immeasurable talent they each have to offer. Fresh from South London’s underground scene, they’ve teamed up with the exhilarating INFINITESNDS for the single, his prowess adding a dignified edge to the flow. As the track bends between pounding 808’s, intricate synths and a catchy chorus, they unite to create a sound that is set to catapult The Swirlers into the spotlight.

Taken from their upcoming project ‘EX2’, the group describe their music as a “celebration of British sounds”, an aspect that has established their reputation in the capital. The accompanying video shows the three-piece in various London locations with fellow artists dancing, exuding the sense of community that is illustrated both through their songs and personalities.

Whilst fusing together a variety of alternating sounds can be a detrimental risk, it has wildly paid off for The Swirlers, and you can expect to hear ‘Legacy’ booming out of speaker systems all over the country upon its release this January.

Watch the full video below: