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Teks Sinatra Tells a Story With 'Scared of Getting Old'

Teks Sinatra Tells a Story With 'Scared of Getting Old'

Author: Amanda Da Great | Friday 5th February 2021

Teks Sinatra Tells a Story With 'Scared of Getting Old' Photograph

Following the release of his ‘Home for Winter’ EP which has received incredible reception, Teks Sinatra reminds us of his ability to a tell a story – visually, as well as verbally – in the recent release of the music video for ‘Scared of Getting Old’ - which serves as a strong opener for HFW.

In this real rap style track, Sinatra draws attention to his experiences in day-to-day life – by placing an emphasis on the nature of his personal relationships; highlighting ‘Scared of Getting Old’s authenticity. Not only will this result in hip-hop fans who are fond of the song’s sound, resonating with him, but it will also aid in building a relationship with them through the quality and truth delivered in his lyrical content.

The interchanging of slow-motion scenes to ones which feature the artist himself accentuate Sinatra’s expression of self, as there are glimpses of urban settings which many of us will feel familiar with, besides parts of the narrative that viewers would only come to understand, through Teks’ representation.

Along with a blur of flashbacks that serve to reinforce everything mentioned, the soft vocalising which concludes this beautifully composed work, can best be described as gospel-like and will go on to be appreciated by those attentive of Sinatra’s artistry.

Teks Sinatra ‘Scared of Getting Old’ | Available to Stream on All Platforms