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Chadster unleashes brand new single 'Trap door'

Chadster unleashes brand new single 'Trap door'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Friday 5th February 2021

Chadster unleashes brand new single 'Trap door' Photograph

Chadster is set to continue on his path to becoming one of the most prominent artists in R&B and Hip-Hop with the latest release “Trap Door”.

Following up on the release of the single “Lose Control” ft MarcyStone, “Trap Door” this is another sleek creation that’s all about escaping your mind and taking action on your life in order to get the things you want complete with a melody that catches the mind instantaneously.

His latest single is a vocal manifestation of the attitude Chadster has towards the creation of his music. He wants to become the artist at the frontline of his genre and he’s well aware that he can do it with his continued production of hard-hitting singles. Chadster’s naturally easy listening voice compliments one of the hardest beats heard in new wave Hip-Hop in perfect synergy. It’s a song that both inspires and empowers, leading to the belief that anything is achievable.

Being the third single released off debut album “Good Afternoon”, a lot more is to be expected from this up and comer from the Atlanta scene. After being personally endorsed by 6lack, Chadster is set to become a massive fixture of the Hip-Hop arena.

Listen to the full track below: