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Young Smokes releases new visuals to ‘Trap Phone’

Young Smokes releases new visuals to ‘Trap Phone’

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 11th February 2021

Young Smokes releases new visuals to ‘Trap Phone’  Photograph

Young Smokes is back with an energy-filled banger entitled ‘Trap Phone’. The Birmingham rapper starts the track with maximum liveliness, delivering a catchy and upbeat chorus. The delivery is distinctive and very ‘in your face’.

Young Smokes slightly switches up the style for the verses, giving the listeners cold metaphors and memorable one-liners.

Trap Phone visuals portray the rapper in a glamourous light. We see the lavish jewellery along with lucrative clothing such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The music video is suited perfectly for the song. Whilst Young Smokes vividly describes the money life that he is indulged in, the visuals aid the narrative with all the luxury items included.

Young Smokes has been making a name for himself with recent bangers including ‘Again’ and ‘One Step’. This latest track, ‘Trap Phone’ shows Young Smokes plans on keeping the ball rolling in 2021 by giving us that distinguished sound.

Check out 'Trap Phone' below.