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Jordan steps up for latest edition of ‘Daily Duppy’

Jordan steps up for latest edition of ‘Daily Duppy’

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 12th February 2021

Jordan steps up for latest edition of ‘Daily Duppy’   Photograph

Jordan has stepped up and delivered two hard freestyles on the latest edition of Daily Duppy. The two parts to this freestyle are insane, but for different reasons.

Jordan kicks off the first part of the freestyle with high intensity. The Salford rapper attacks the hard-hitting and airy drill beat with a venomous delivery. The two factors that make this freestyle hard is the energy and the wittiness. The delivery and wordplay supply the banger with the high energy, whilst the witty nature comes from Jordan’s intelligent wordplay. The first part is also filled with high levels of crud.

The mood completely switches for the second half of the freestyle. The first part will have you ferociously bopping your head, whilst the second part will have you sitting back in a reminiscent state, taking in every word.

The rapper spits smoothly over a sombre hip hop beat. In this part, we hear Joran touch on some of his hard-hitting realities. We hear about the times he spent in prison along with the hard-hitting consequences of drug abuse, and what it can do to a family.

This Daily Duppy has shown the versatility of Joran, and how he is one of the best storytellers in the country. The rapper was able to take us on a rollercoaster on this one. The beginning had me feeling upbeat and full of energy, whilst the ending was a lot more mellow and solemn.

Take in the 'Daily Duppy' here