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Young Adz (D-block Europe) unleashes visuals to ‘Big B’

Young Adz (D-block Europe) unleashes visuals to ‘Big B’

Author: Rachel Onilude | Thursday 18th February 2021

Young Adz (D-block Europe) unleashes visuals to ‘Big B’ Photograph

Young Adz releases eye-gripping visuals for his solo track ‘Big B’. Taken from the Lewisham duos album. ‘The Blue Print - Us vs Them”, the unpeeled project, speaks layers of truth, giving insight into their world of past trauma, family, violence and more.

The track begins with a harmonious acoustic beat which matches Young Adz smooth flow. The hard-hitting lyrics take listeners on a reflective journey “I fucked around, showed too much love, they abusing my love, got me thinkin' evil things”. The UK artist poured out his pain onto the track and turned it into an emotional story.

The subtle tapping drum beat mixed with other warm melodies create a hazy vibe. Filmed by Suave, the black and white production create a dream-like atmosphere and a dark reality.

Watch the full video below: