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Trillary Banks unleashes new visuals for 'Last Man Standing'

Trillary Banks unleashes new visuals for 'Last Man Standing'

Author: Natalie Siaw-Agyeman | Friday 19th February 2021

Trillary Banks unleashes new visuals for 'Last Man Standing' Photograph

Releasing her first track of the year, Leicester MC Trillary Banks release explosive new track ‘Last Man Standing’, produced by Shadow on the Beat. After a musical feud with fellow female rapper Nolay, Trillary brings the attention back onto her music, and her latest offering does exactly that.

Trillary captures our attention from start to finish, packing this three-minute track with punchlines and bars that will leave your head spinning. Her demanding and self-assured flow is captivating and leaves the listener stunned as switches between flows with ease. The drill beat fuels her energy as she asserts herself as a talented rapper within the UK scene. ‘Last Man Standing’ kicks off her year strong as she flows effortlessly over the beat and exerts her creativity bar after bar.

We expect nothing less from Trillary Banks, as previous single ‘Big Miss Steak’ displays her signature hard hitting bars just like her latest release. She does not fail to deliver a energetic performance, and the clean visuals allow her to hold the audience’s undivided attention. With such a strong single, there is no doubt that the subsequent tracks Trillary has got in store for us will be just as great. There is no stopping her creativity and talent, and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

Check out her latest offering below.