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Embe unleashes fresh visuals to ‘Fr Fr’

Embe unleashes fresh visuals to ‘Fr Fr’

Author: Aishah Rahman | Sunday 21st February 2021

Embe unleashes fresh visuals to ‘Fr Fr’ Photograph

Embe releases his wavy new track titled ‘Fr Fr’, which showcases sassy punchlines.

Setting the bar high, new single 'Fr Fr' captures our attention from start to finish; through the extremely catchy lyrics and infectious flow fuelled by the artist’s energy. The 18 year-old displays effortless wordplay over the rhythmic Mazza Motion production, delivering a smooth and captivating flow.

Colourful visuals and a party atmosphere present a fun, light-hearted feel to the track, creating an enjoyable experience for the audience.

Embe’s ability to serve cold and memorable verses while maintaining a care-free aura, reflects a level of self-confidence that proves he should not be slept on.

Since stepping into the UK music scene only a few months ago, the Nottingham-born artist’s debut single ‘Drill’ has been championed on DJ Target’s 1Xtra show, and has already gained over 50,000 views on YouTube.

From his hard-hitting ‘Mad At Me’ bars to the vibes in ‘Fr Fr’, it looks like Embe is here to make big moves. We're eager to see what’s next from the newly emerging artist.

Check out ‘Fr Fr’ below.