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Harvy Green drops captivating single ‘Mars’

Harvy Green drops captivating single ‘Mars’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Monday 22nd February 2021

Harvy Green drops captivating single ‘Mars’ Photograph

With an ever-growing and present hip-hop and rap scene, it’s never been harder to make yourself heard. This hasn’t been a problem for Coventry based rapper Harvy Green though. Having burst onto the scene in 2020, he quickly caught the attention of a massive YouTube sensation in Brandon Rashad, with his unique style and switching seamlessly between rapping and singing. He hasn’t stopped since, and has maybe produced his best work yet with ‘Mars’.

A catchy, upbeat feel coupled with a simplistic piano line and beat, gives Harvy the perfect platform to showcase his raw talent. Giving the nod to Travis Scott, it’s clear Green has created his own entity of finding that space and crafting his own unique brand of UK hip-hop. The tone of the track is quite dark and cryptic, but he’s cleverly fused together a potent mix of traditional hip-hop and trap, all whilst having the knack of finding and executing a Drake-esque melody line, making you listen on repeat and waiting intently for his next release.