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Ayar delivers brand new EP 'Water & Wine’ ft. Coupe

Ayar delivers brand new EP 'Water & Wine’ ft. Coupe

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Friday 5th March 2021

Ayar delivers brand new EP 'Water & Wine’ ft. Coupe  Photograph

An achingly cool collection of music from the up-and-coming London rapper, Ayar is delivering beyond the imagination with his new EP ‘Water & Wine’, featuring lead single ‘Coupe’.

Conjuring up an irresistible rhythm with thumping 808’s, simmering synths and a click pattern, his bars bounce above the beat, bursting through the gaps of the off-kilter melody. A hazy harmony swaddles the music, creating an atmospheric soundscape that allows the intensity of his words to take complete control. The blending of R&B, rap and the classic era of 90’s hip-hop in Ayar’s discography is what gives him a notable edge, making ‘Water & Wine’ a highly anticipated release for the year. Elaborating on what the EP will encompass, he explains “The project started at the top of the year, and as the lockdown progressed after the summer, I had more time to put aside to search for a sound I would like to go with. The inspiration came from the year's events as well as the music I was listening to at the time. 2020 has been eventful and eye-opening to say the least with a lot of self-reflection and political matters being brought to the forefront of the media”.

Born in the 1990s in East London, Ayar grew up in the multicultural hub of music, developing a love for smooth jazz, hip-hop and the early instances of grime during his childhood. Music and art were always at the forefront of his life, and his lyrics are a tapestry that exhibits his experience as a young black boy in the capital, from love and loss to growth and culture.

‘Water & Wine’ is a stellar offering from Ayar, and he is definitely one to keep an eye on this year.