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Light Warriors unveil brand new music video to latest track 'One'

Light Warriors unveil brand new music video to latest track 'One'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Sunday 7th March 2021

Light Warriors unveil brand new music video to latest track 'One'  Photograph

Brimming with effervescent energy, Light Warriors deliver bohemian ambience with a genre-blended sound in their buoyant new track ‘One’, from the upcoming album-length single, Book of One. This collaborative multi-track single innovation also features guest artists from Diné Tribe (Lyla June), Ghana (Kwadjo Spiri), Ethiopia (Sydney Salmon), Brooklyn and Connecticut in the US (Mistaish, Shane Digital, David, Culture, Stenny Sten, Steven Jean Baptistse and Kris Brewer) all espousing the universal theme of oneness. With each track being reconstructed vs remixed, this is a truly unique offering in the music industry, perhaps a first.

Using their musical prowess to combat social issues and explore mystical depths, the New York septet aim to shed a beam of positivity on the gloomy state of the world through song. ‘One’ is sun-soaked and shimmering, blending velvety brasslines, broody drum beats and overlapping vocal melodies to create a rich soundscape that is soulful and uplifting. Produced by lead singer and guitarist Erik Rabasca, the single shines with elements of hip-hop, rap, funk and reggae, with each genre melting together in a manner that is difficult to achieve. Elaborating on their ethos, the band quote “With humanity spiraling in ego and negativity, it takes a warrior discipline to shine light in this world. That doesn't mean Light Warriors are feel-good-only, which is rootless. We speak the truth, are positive yet remain grounded and hopeful”. The industry-first innovation of the album-length single with international artist contributions doing variations on a theme and LW reconstructing each track instrumentally vs standard remixing.

Established in 2016, the project has reached listeners worldwide, with their previous releases such as ‘Everything’ and ‘No More Division’ gaining over 30,000 streams respectively. Their perseverance at devising a far more inclusive and diverse industry has gained them a loyal following, with their boundaryless approach to music intriguing to many and truly unique.

An important collective on the scene, Light Warriors have delivered above and beyond with ‘One’, and their innovative narratives are bound to resonate with even more listeners across the globe this year. Most importantly, the charitable service angle with Light Warriors as ambassadors to WhyHunger’s Artists Against Hunger & Poverty program, is driving traffic to Bandcamp for donations on the band’s release date.