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Ms Banks shines on 1xtra Live Lounge

Ms Banks shines on 1xtra Live Lounge

Author: Daniel David | Thursday 7th November 2019

Ms Banks shines on 1xtra Live Lounge Photograph

There have been some classic moments on 1xtra Live Lounge and Ms. Banks continues that tradition with her return with a live performance of her new single 'Bad B Bop' and a version of Lil Kim's 'No Matter What They Say.'

For 'Bad B Bop,' Ms. Banks shows her usual confidence, spitting seamlessly over the live band showing why she is one of the most exciting stars in the UK at the moment.

For the second part, she covers Lil Kim's 2000 single 'No Matter What They Say," giving a London flavour to the latin sounding beat, then transitioning to a version of Giggs' 'Linguo.'

There's a lot going on and Ms. Banks is killing it throughout so watch the video and let us know what you think on our socials