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#410 TS & AM hit us with new ‘Skengs’ visuals

#410 TS & AM hit us with new ‘Skengs’ visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 11th March 2021

#410 TS & AM hit us with new ‘Skengs’ visuals  Photograph

TS and AM have joined forces for a new banger entitled ‘2Skengs’. Spitting over a jumpy and upbeat Drill instrumental, TS gets things started by delivering a solid and precise flow filled with cruddy bars. AM swiftly follows by rapping in his deep bassed voice. Like always, the South London rapper supplies gritty and greazy bars that will get listeners gassed.

The whole track is very fast-paced and filled with energy. The quick tempo of the flows and the fact that both artists go back-to-back with their bars enables the energy levels to remain high. Another reason for the fast-paced nature of the track is due to the visuals. The use of strobe lighting gives the video and track a buzz.

In the visuals, scenes switch rapidly giving '2Skengs' a sense of urgency. The way the camera moves to each rapper whilst they spit their bars ensures the video is fast-paced and lively. SP got the vibe right with the visuals as they keeps up with the tempo of the track, making sure visuals and sound coincide perfectly.

Chemistry between TS and AM is evident as both rappers bounce off one another with their flows makes it coherent and nimble banger.

Take in ‘2Skengs’ here.