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JME, Frisco, Shorty and Capo Lee join forces to show Grime is alive on new project 'Norf Face'

JME, Frisco, Shorty and Capo Lee join forces to show Grime is alive on new project 'Norf Face'

Author: Tom Dingley | Friday 12th March 2021

JME, Frisco, Shorty and Capo Lee join forces to show Grime is alive on new project 'Norf Face' Photograph

JME, Frisco, Shorty and Capo Lee have joined forces to unleash their brand new project titled 'Norf Face'.

This project is a big collaboration between four of the coldest grime MC's, coming together to make an album for grime fans everywhere to indulge in and also make it known that Grime is definitely not dead. Every single one of these artists brings something different to the table but the way they sound when you put them all together over these old school sounding grime beats works beautifully.

The project kicks off with ‘AGL’ (‘Ain’t Gotta Lie’), a track that showcases a lot of brags and flexes, showcasing what each artist has to offer - especially when it comes to flow. Frisco, for example, offers up a very unique flow pattern and a tone in his delivery that instantly demands your attention whenever he touches a track. Whereas JME does what he does best - spraying hard-hitting, witty bars with is usual passionate delivery as he details his legacy as one of grime's longstanding founding figures, listing every radio station from Rinse FM to pirate radio station Freeze FM, all of whose mics he blessed back in the early '00s.

'Norf Face' also gives each MC the opportunity to showcase what they bring to the table on their own 'Patterns' track, giving them the chance to boast their own ability in the spotlight on a solo track. The first of these is 'Shorty's Pattern' where grime OG Shorty asserts his position and entry to the grime scene, stating things that he is done and demanding respect for the levels he and his team have set across the years.

The first single to be released off of this project was 'Baitest Sound which came out back in February sometime. The beat on this track is unique in the sense that it blends the old with the new in terms of a grime sound. Each artist delivers ten-fold on this track, each rattling off bars so sick that it is almost like they are competing to be the best on the track whilst also complementing each other perfectly. This track shows exactly what grime is and has always been about - a group of MC's showcasing their ability to flow and let off some sick bars and bounce off each other's energy to make something special.

This project is available to buy or stream now so go and check this one out, if you are a fan of grime you will be sure to enjoy this project and more than likely have it on repeat.