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Malik English drops fresh and colourful 'ASK 4'

Malik English drops fresh and colourful 'ASK 4'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Friday 12th March 2021

Malik English drops fresh and colourful 'ASK 4' Photograph

With the hip-hop scene being in it’s the best shape arguably ever, it’s becoming harder and harder for artists to break through the mould with a difference. This has been no problem for Brooklyn born Malik English however, as he innovated beyond the realms. His unique blend of trap and hip-hop alongside his impressive vocals and production levels results in something fresh, exciting and quite frankly unheard of. English certainly doesn’t struggle to pick out a melody that catches, and with his debut release only occurring in 2020, he has since made many a virtual appearance that will catch the eye before he will surely take the stage at some point this year.

‘ASK 4’ is his latest offering. It’s haunting keys and synths that are instantaneous to the ear. It’s powerful, larger than life and will speak to a lot more than just the everyday hip-hop fanatic. It’s clear Malik is a creator and has hit the ground hard, showing his dedication and passion for the cause. We thoroughly look forward to what else Malik English is cooking up for 2021. Speaking about ‘ASK 4’, English explains the meaning behind it: “ASK4” is about reaching your emotional limit, loving someone as much as you can, but reaching the point where you have nothing left to give.”