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March 23rd will mark one year of UK lockdown

March 23rd will mark one year of UK lockdown

Author: Sarah Akomanyi | Saturday 13th March 2021

March 23rd will mark one year of UK lockdown Photograph

23,684,103 people have been vaccinated in the UK. It has recently been announced that there has been a drop in Coronavirus cases. Friday's figures showed a figure of 6,609 and last Saturday's figures were 6,040.

There are still around 1M people still left to have their second jab of the vaccine.

With it being around a year since the first lockdown in the UK, there has been backing from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, for a national day of reflection.

To remember those who sadly passed away due to Coronavirus, charity Marie Curie is planning on having this day on March 23rd.

At midday, a minute's silence will be held and it is encouraged that residents stand outside their doorstep at 8 PM with anything that signifies a "beacon of remembrance."

Last year, this was the day when it was announced to the UK that everyone must stay at home to reduce the spread of the virus.

Additionally, there have almost been around 50,000 businesses that have signed up for the free workplace COVID-19 tests set up by the government.