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Mowgs returns with raw Daily Duppy

Mowgs returns with raw Daily Duppy

Author: Rachel Onilude | Monday 15th March 2021

Mowgs returns with raw Daily Duppy Photograph

Birmingham rapper Mowgs returns with a new Daily Duppy. Mowgs gifts us with heartfelt reflective bars about betrayal, fatherhood, loneliness, past pain and more. Mowgs poetic storytelling gives insight into his past experiences, which moulded who he is today.

The raw daily duppy takes listeners into a state of profound thought; he spits his truth over a smooth guitar piano beat; the melodic flow matches Mowgs slick punchlines “In the station, I don’t talk to feds call me Mr Bean.”

Check out the clean visuals below, and let us know your thoughts via socials.