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Romy Dya reveals liberating debut album 'I FKN LOVE MYSELF'

Romy Dya reveals liberating debut album 'I FKN LOVE MYSELF'

Author: Liss Morales | Tuesday 16th March 2021

Romy Dya reveals liberating debut album 'I FKN LOVE MYSELF' Photograph

Dutch songstress Romy Dya releases her debut album ‘I FKN LOVE MYSELF’; a memoir of the trials and tribulations she faced on her return to love.

The singer, songwriter and producer has been awaiting this moment for all of her life. And after an unstable upbringing, time in juvenile detention, and a struggle to love herself, Romy is finally wearing her rightful crown as an overcomer. Her debut album 'I FKN LOVE MYSELF' follows the self-love journey that brought her here, and also showcases the honing of Romy's skills as a producer.

Speaking on the album, Romy recalls “‘I FKN LOVE MYSELF' is about my personal journey to self love and all things that are involved on this road to loving yourself. It's about processing trauma's, love, loneliness, single life and finding peace and acceptance in being who you are. Self love is an ongoing process, some days you're really feeling yourself and some days you can't even look yourself in the eyes. I define self love as having compassion for yourself and doing what's best for your happiness and well-being. But it also means that you have full acceptance of your flaws, shortcomings and weaknesses. We as human beings always learn and evolve. Self love is an inside job, no one else can do it for you. That's why you gotta be your own biggest fan. Go FKN love yourself.”

The 14-track LP includes previous singles 'Thank You', 'Unspoken', 'RomCom', 'What Is Love', as well as focus single 'She' – which is accompanied by reflective Djodjo Pongo visuals.

Speaking specifically about ‘She’ Romy says “It’s about a woman who has been through a lot but has become stronger and wiser. She finally healed when she found love in herself. She had to get rid of the old version of ‘her’ by confronting her fears and traumatic experiences.”

Stream 'I FKN LOVE MYSELF' on all digital platforms.