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Temz and Cristale link up on explosive new track 'Scores'

Temz and Cristale link up on explosive new track 'Scores'

Author: Natalie Siaw-Agyeman | Tuesday 16th March 2021

Temz and Cristale link up on explosive new track 'Scores' Photograph

Leeds native Temz links up with London upcoming rapper Cristale for a brand new track ‘Scores’. This energetic track shows the pair in their element as they go back to back on this LCM and Defenders-produced track. Its fast-paced drill beat doesn’t hold them back from unleashing their bars that are just as gritty as the beat.

With them both being in the infancy stages of their career, they both display why they are ones to watch giving fans their coldest bars with ease and flair. Both emcees weave between each other’s verses effortlessly, their unmistakable chemistry visible throughout the course of the track. The visuals directed by Super OG match the energy of the track, showing the pair bring the drive-in their raps to the music video.

Despite the track being under 3 minutes long, Temz and Cristale use the time wisely to throw in hard-hitting bars and slick wordplay to hold the listener's attention. ‘Scores’ is not only polished and clean but also a great follow up from Temz’ recent collaboration ‘Kisan’, a track that was made to spread awareness around farmer protests in India. This new track definitely shows Temz and Cristale putting their best bars on display on this charged up track, showing fans why they are ones to watch going forward.

Check out 'Scores' below.