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iceè tGM lays down a vibe with new 'iceèkold freestyle'

iceè tGM lays down a vibe with new 'iceèkold freestyle'

Author: Joel Griffiths | Tuesday 16th March 2021

iceè tGM lays down a vibe with new 'iceèkold freestyle' Photograph

Check out iceè tgm’s new video ‘3style ep001’ this evening, for guaranteed vibes.

Icee offers her signature serving of sweet melodies, which we were made familiar with in ‘Big Conspiracy’ and ‘Helicopter’, off brother J Hus’ 2020 critically acclaimed album. Hus actually makes a cameo appearance in this one, gassing Icee up at the start of the freestyle.

After stopping us in our tracks with features, she’s now given the opportunity to express her own style and identity fully. She raps with a swagger and exudes infectious confidence flowing in and out of song, as she rides a jazzy beat with ease. The tune plays with identity fluidly as she moves from outfit to outfit and personality to personality, without any time to mentally put her in any box. Self-empowerment seems to be the key theme of this drop, and the instrumental has a unifying feel to it.

Check out the dope hair salon concept that she works with in the visuals. There’s a lot more going on in the background than you might expect from the first watch.

Take in the video below and be sure to let us know what you think!