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Amy Steele releases brand new track 'Slow Up'

Amy Steele releases brand new track 'Slow Up'

Author: Wardah Sempa | Thursday 18th March 2021

Amy Steele releases brand new track 'Slow Up' Photograph

Amy Steele is a singer and songwriter from North West London in the UK. This March, Amy releases the next in a series of covers she has been working on during lockdown. Throughout lockdown, Amy has chosen records that move her, and which she feels hold important messages for us this year. Next up is the beautiful ‘Slow Up’ originally by the seminal London Soul singer Jacob Banks. Amy wanted to honour the original, whilst reiterating the powerful message of the song to her growing fan base.

Amy says ‘Slow Up’ is a track to remind us to stay positive and not to let the perception of the world change us or harden us with its prejudice. We’ve had a difficult year of social injustice and seen the way the world can corrupt innocence, but ‘Slow Up’ is a reminder to stay strong and true to who we are. Amy makes ‘Slow Up’ her own, offering a beautifully mournful and emotional interpretation of the well-known classic from Jacob Banks.

The track has a smooth futuristic RnB vibe. Amy has the type of voice that relaxes the soul.