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Mnelia releases radiant visuals to ‘Senseless’

Mnelia releases radiant visuals to ‘Senseless’

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 18th March 2021

Mnelia releases radiant visuals to ‘Senseless’ Photograph

Mnelia is back and has brought a whole vibe with her latest music video entitled ‘Senseless’.

The North-West Londoner delivers smooth and soothing vocals over an upbeat and vibrant instrumental produced by StevieBBeatz. Mnelia’s tuneful voice allows the track to have a cool and relaxed atmosphere however, the beat has enough tempo and bounce to keep the track spirited and lively.

Mnelia has created the kind of song that you can get lost in. As a listener, you will be fully emerged with the tune due to its cheerful nature. Whilst there is also a strong message within the song, letting listeners know that she is “not that type of girl to be running back”.

The visuals perfectly coincide with the track, making it a major factor in creating the feel-good aura that 'Senseless' radiates. In the video, we see Mnelia wearing a strong and powerful colour of pink, whilst having a smooth light-blue backdrop behind her. This makes her fully stand out in a gleaming fashion, displaying her confidence. The glowing visuals along with the colourful nature of the song ensures the joyful ‘Senseless’ has the whole package.

This jovial and light-hearted track will be perfect for the summer months approaching.

Take in ‘Senseless’ here and let us know your thoughts.