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C Biz drops fresh visuals to ‘Pick Up’

C Biz drops fresh visuals to ‘Pick Up’

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 18th March 2021

C Biz  drops fresh visuals to ‘Pick Up’  Photograph

C Biz has come through with a brand-new banger entitled ‘Pick Up’. In typical C Biz fashion, the Kilburn rapper attacks the bouncy and hard-hitting trap beat with an infectious flow.

C Biz’s distinctive style is part of the reason why he has created a lane of his own. For years, the North-West Londoner has been responsible for producing hot tracks. This latest joint, ‘Pick Up’ is further proof that the rapper is one of the heavyweights in the game.

C Biz is no stranger to a banger; he has shown this with previous tracks like ‘Thrill’, ‘Fresh Home’, ‘No Safety’ and street anthem, ‘The Game Is Mine.' Just like his previous hits, ‘Pick Up’ is full of unforgettable bars and one-liners.

As expected, ‘Pick Up’ is full of braggadocios content as the rapper confidently lets everyone know that they are C Biz’s son. The catchy chorus tells everyone to “pick their game up” and that being broke “never looked cute”. And the quirky and witty nature of the bars create the gassed-up feeling his music radiates.

The visuals have a comedy aspect to them as we see C Biz in a hi-vis and gloves, working as a labourer whilst being told by a passer-by to ‘pick up his game’. Other scenes show the Kilburn rapper ‘working’ as a retailer fixing phones in a local shop. The artist juxtaposes these visuals with other scenes of him rocking some extravagant jewellery whilst rapping in front of a lavish car.

‘Pick Up’ is everything you would expect from a C Biz track. It has an upbeat trap instrumental along with some wicked and memorable flows, keeping energy levels high.

Take in ‘Pick Up’ here and let us know your thoughts.