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KO drops fresh visuals to ‘Tables Turn’

KO drops fresh visuals to ‘Tables Turn’

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 19th March 2021

KO drops fresh visuals to ‘Tables Turn’  Photograph

KO has come through and dropped a new track entitled ‘Tables Turn’. The Homerton rapper puts his skill set on display for all to listen to.

‘Tables Turn’ starts off with a cinematic scene that portrays a positive and uplifting message. We see a sad-looking boy receive powerful advice from his Grandad about life having ups and downs, but the tables will always turn.

Straight after that scene, the tranquil yet hard-hitting beat drops and KO begins by delivering a calm and solid flow added with strong and real lyrical content. The East London rapper puts his versatility on show, not only giving straight and solid verses, but the rapper adds in tuneful vocals for the chorus, ensuring it is catchy and memorable.

The visuals have a bit of everything. We get the scenes of KO surrounded by his boys whilst reciting his bars. In between the scenes of KO rapping, we get cinematic cutscenes of the same boy, that was given advice earlier, wandering through the streets sporting headphones and dwelling on life. The scene ends with the boy returning home in a more positive and upbeat manner. The boy goes to greet his grandad, only to be startled by what he has seen as he looks up.

The visuals add a lot of entertainment value to the track and help create the full package. The song itself is a banger, and the visuals add that extra flavour, making the track a whole.

Take in ‘Tables Turn’ here.