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Kaede unleashes new fiery track 'Blasian Baddie'

Kaede unleashes new fiery track 'Blasian Baddie'

Author: Natalie Siaw-Agyeman | Friday 19th March 2021

Kaede unleashes new fiery track 'Blasian Baddie' Photograph

Upcoming female rapper Kaede is back with a fire track, titled ‘Blasian Baddie’, following her introductory freestyle on Mixtape Madness.

The Likkledotz production is gritty as we hear Kaede come with fuelled bars over a booming beat. ‘Blasian Baddie’ displays Kaede’s penmanship in an array of slick bars and clever wordplay, as she flaunts her solid talent with confidence. The sprinkle of Japanese at the end of the first verse combines her artistry with her culture, giving fans a taste of the talent she’s got up her sleeve.The second verse is sprinkled with cleverly-written punchlines as she weaves famous cartoon characters around her lyricism, adding an element of nostalgia that fans can enjoy. The clean visuals directed by Romael emits female boss energy as she stunts with her girls in an apartment and whizzing around central London.

‘Blasian Baddie’ is a track that displays her versatility and will leave fans eager to see what she does next. As more and more female rappers emerge onto the scene, Kaede is a certain one to watch as her assertive style demands the attention of the listener. She has kicked off her year strong, and there is no doubt she will continue that way.

Check the visuals for ‘Blasian Baddie’ below.