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Link Up Fashion Drop: Jorja Smith's latest music video 'Addicted'

Link Up Fashion Drop: Jorja Smith's latest music video 'Addicted'

Author: Lily Batten | Thursday 25th March 2021

Link Up Fashion Drop: Jorja Smith's latest music video 'Addicted'  Photograph

A fresh-faced Jorja sports outfits ranging from a recently refined sofa etiquette to a full-out evening in the stripped-back Addicted video. Kicking it off with the aptly relatable comfy camo, Jorja's next piece is a regal pink floor-length with fiery frills and a portion of shimmer that give us a playful texture. The dress is juxtaposed with her relaxed demeanour, in a majestic, somewhat garish and intentionally contradicting (in terms of colour) setting.

Similar pink dress, Wolf & Banger - £120.00

My favourite is the sturdy angularity found in the bodysuit. The suit is paired with more sparkle with tights adorned in (what looks like) sequins. The visuals continue as Jorja sings "you should be addicted to me". As the song drops and the lighting gets moodier, paired with a more effortlessly sultry piece. Red-tinged night-time scenes are coupled with sporadic, unpredictable shots. I love the disparity between the dark sky, fireworks and Jorja's illuminated dress and guileless dancing. The dress moves freely in the wind, adding another layer of liberation to the scene.

Similar white body, French Connection - £29.00

The different attire seems to represent Jorja's life and the multiple facets within it. As she moves from an emerald green, assertive zip front, to a powerful leather black ensemble, she sings "but you're not mine to tend to." The fashion choices made in the video boast a number of colours, without being overly colourful. You see multiple occasions and styles, with the constant leading lady remaining at the forefront, Jorja.