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Tone Levels releases poetic single ‘Hit today’

Tone Levels releases poetic single ‘Hit today’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Monday 22nd March 2021

Tone Levels releases poetic single ‘Hit today’ Photograph

Atlanta based rapper Tone Levels combines his therapeutic vocals and past struggles to create the reflective track ‘Hit today’. Tone Levels storytelling feels like a lucid dream; you can envisage everything he states.

The rapper tells his truth over a soft baseline and an electronic guitar combined with memorable sound effects to create a hard-hitting musical experience.

When speaking about the track, he states, Hit Today is a song that I made reminiscing on the past when I was heavy in the streets. Being young and broke, I tried to use certain situations as a push to put money in my pocket. Hit today can mean anything to anyone. Getting a new job, catching a play, finding some money, finding an opportunity and using that to your advantage to propel you into a better situation.